Explosions in Lebanon

Explosions in Lebanon: one of our Experts Patrick Coulombel, is currently helping the local population through his foundation Les architectes de l’urgence alongside other foundations, associations & NGOs, including in particular “Windows for Beirut”, “Rainbow”.

You will find his testimony below:

C News – 01.09.2020 – Patrick Coulombel, cofondateur d’Architectes de l’urgence : «à Beyrouth, il faut reloger les habitants avant l’hiver»

In Beirut, the inhabitants must be rehoused before winter. In Beirut, people have to be rehoused before winter! Let’s not forget them.
Well done and thank you to Patrick and to all those who, like him, work there.
The fight will be long and expensive.

You can support financially through a donation by clicking on this link: https://www.archi-urgent.com/je-fais-un-don/.

A big thanks !