True Bio Organic
  • What is the value of a Biological Certification ?

    The certification will allow you to distribute and promote your products under a trusted label of exclusively bio origin product

  • How to display this label on your products ?

    To be able to display our the TrueBioOrganic label on your products, you need to satisfy the world wide standard established by TrueBioOrganic in terms of Biological Agriculture

  • Which categories of products is this label for ?

    All foods and beverages that are for human consumption, as well as for seeds or other agriculture products, and for animal foods.

  • Who is concerned by this Certification ?

    All farmers and food growers, food preparation professionals, importers and the agro-food industry

The key garanties

Your activities need to respect the norms in terms of prevention and protection for the environment and climate

Your crops and activities should ensure the long term viability and fertility of the soil and surrounding grounds

Your activities need to take into consideration the existence and safeguard of the fragile ecosystems in your lands.

Every natural process is based on a fragile cycle, which your activities should not disturb

Any use of chemical or synthetic inputs into your culture is prohibited by our terms and conditions.

The use of GMO seeds or other products is strictly prohibited, all seeds and bio material have to be of natural origin.

To inform the consumer in a transparent manner is a serious responsibility and requirement for our certified members

The Certification process

You fill up and submit  your application on our website and provide all required information and documentation.

You digitally sign the contract, with legal binding effect.

Our International team will get in touch with you to organize an Initial Audit of your infrastructure and your processes

Our committee will carefully review your application and provide guidance where necessary

Once your application is approved, you receive your Certificate and the guidelines on how to use it