Advantages of Becoming a Member Expert

We accredit Experts in almost all sectors and domains as per the process and criteria described below.

To know which fee (in Euros) applies to you for the first year, please indicate below your country of residence (*):

EUR = Registration Fee + Membership Fee for the 1st Year (*)

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(*) Our fee is adapted as per the United Nations Human Development Index with a minimum. The total amount presented above includes both the registration fee and the membership fee for the first year. If your submission to become an International Expert of our Federation is not successful, you will be reimbursed of 56% of the amount above (corresponding to the membership fee). The remaining 44% of the amount above (registration fee) will not be reimbursed by Experts Without Borders because it represents the cost of analyzing your file, in line with our Terms & Conditions. You can decide to pay this full amount once you register; or decide to pay it later once you submit your file.

Experts Accreditation Process

Respecting our admission criteria and paying your annual membership fee will guarantee your accreditation for a new year.

This accreditation will allow you to have a unique digital certificate, immutable and easily demonstrable.

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Accredited Expertise

We accredit International Experts in almost all sectors, notably:

We accredit International Experts in their specific sector, in a specific domain, and for a precise specialization. These information will be filled out by the candidate in the full profile after registration form.

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Experts Accreditation Criteria

Experts are only accepted if they successfully meet the 4 criteria below:

Criterion #1: Experience & Education

Must be an individual who has demonstrated the appropriate experience and education (10 golden rules to respect to be accredited) so as to meet the specific needs of Courts, Companies and other Clients.

Code d’honneur

Criterion #2: Ethics and Values

Must respect and agree to our Code of Ethics & Conduct and our Articles of Association.


Criterion #3: Accreditation

Must pass our robust selection and accreditation process.

Cotisation annuelle

Criterion #4: Yearly Membership Fee

Pay the annual membership fee and the registration fee.

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