About the Federation

Experts Without Borders is the World Federation of Experts.

Humanistic men of law were astonished when they discovered how many injustices could be avoided if a competent Expert could have been consulted.

They realized that very often, the choice of an Expert may present subjective factors such as the criteria used to assess the expertise and the risks ignored, for example, integrity and corruption.

They decided to bring a solution by founding Experts Without Borders in 2019, sharing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Organization aims in particular to:

  • Accredit Experts around the world based on an appropriate selection and accreditation process, in which equal treatment of applicants, without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion is a criteria of paramount importance, in accordance with ECOSOC specific challenges;
  • Promote the quality and integrity of international expertise, acting on a global point of view and meeting ECOSOC “time for global action” watchword;
  • Defend the profession of international Expert and safeguard the interests of the Experts listed in the Organization's Directory, leading to the development of global norms as endorsed by ECOSOC;
  • Develop and maintain professional ethics in the field of international expertise, in particular by establishing clear rules of good conduct and ethics while ensuring they are being followed by Experts listed in the Organization's Directory, contributing to increase the reliability of justice and institutions worldwide and finding a way of bringing individuals together in order to facing issues together, a mode of action encouraged by ECOSOC;
  • Establish solutions for the resolution of conflicts on an international scope, contributing to the peace-development approach promoted by ECOSOC, and promote the resolution of conflicts between Experts listed in the Organization's Directory and their constituents;
  • Validate information specific to the activity of being an international Expert or the activities of the expertise;
  • Maintain and preserve relations of collegiality and solidarity amongst the Experts registered in the Organization's Directory, promoting collective action in line with ECOSOC values;
  • Develop cooperation and relationships with agencies that involve international Experts, including UN agencies, building partnerships, thereby following an important ECOSOC goal;
  • Deal generally with any question related to international expertise and take any measure likely to contribute to its development, providing coordination in connection with ECOSOC principles;
  • Join UN action through the respect and promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals, in accordance with ECOSOC agenda.

The Federation can propose to Courts of Law, Arbitration Courts, Governments, International Organization, Companies, and Law firms, the appropriate Expert in the relevant field.

Experts Without Borders accredits Experts who applied and successfully passed our robust selection and accreditation process.

Once accredited, they will be featured in the Federation’s Who’s Who of International Accredited Experts Directory.


Jacques Vialat​

President of honour

Marc Deschenaux

Member of the Executive Committee

Maxime Lagane

Member of the Executive Committee

Guy Girod

Member of the Executive Committee

Timothée Bauer

Legal advisor
Member of the Executive Committee

Hayet Bouzid

Business Development Officer
Member of the Executive Committee

Eléa Schmied

Chief Operating Officer
Member of the Executive Committe

Gilles Leraillé

Expert in Traceability
Member of the Executive Committee

Vincent Garrigoux

Recruitment Manager

Marie Majkowiez

Media Specialist
Fu Che

Fu Che

Chairman Asia & China

Mohamed Es Fih

Private & Public Partnerships Manager