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Press release

On last January 23rd, the World Federation of International Experts, Experts Without Borders packed the International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG) during its launch party, confirming the great interest of decision makers and Experts for the suggested solution integrating a strong technological dimension.

The end of fake experts?

While their impact on decision making and the outcome of many procedures is often crucial, many experts around the world operate without the required qualifications, training or probity. So far, there was no umbrella body in charge of accrediting them on a international level. Experts Without Borders, a new World Federation of Experts, has revealed that it will use the Blockchain to accredit and authenticate their diplomas, following a qualitative and digital selection process.

For the public, it is sometimes difficult to grasp the extent of the role of expertise and its consequences in today’s world. According to research by Dr. Georges Brown, up to 30% of executives report professional qualifications they do not have. Experts unfortunately do not escape this rule! Forged diplomas, non-existent universities, cases are much more frequent than one can imagine, no sector being completely spared. A third of the decisions taken in recent years are therefore most likely biased by the incompetence of self-proclaimed experts, poorly (or not at all) qualified, or even just interested. The same goes for court verdicts.

At a time when the issues are becoming more and more complicated, when important choices are made quickly and when verdicts fraught with consequences must be rendered daily, we resort to Experts in many fields (justice, science, technology, finance, etc.). The consequences of misleading decisions are very often irreparable, their probity and their quality are at the forefront in terms of avoiding blunders and injustices. On an international level, it was very difficult to have assurance on the qualification of Experts so far, in particular in regards to their training and the authenticity of their diplomas. To do so, Experts Without Borders has developed a reliable, objective and efficient tool allowing decision makers, organizations, courts and companies to select their Experts with confidence and in an easy way globally. The registration of Experts and bodies issuing certifications and titles through the Blockchain brings to mainly all the concerned parties speed, transparency and security. A definitely modern response to a problem which, hopefully, has had its day.

Press contact: Maxime Lagane

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