The Area of Expertise

After the overview of the definitions of Expert and Expertise, let us approach that of the Domain of Expertise.

But before entering into the content of this definition, let us examine the logical context in which it is found.

First of all, it should be noted that outside of his Area of Expertise, the Expert does not have the quality justifying his title.

Then the Area of Expertise must be strictly limited, its limits being clearly defined and communicated to third parties, so that the Expertise rendered falls well within its scope of definition, under penalty of invalidity.

The definition and consequently the certification of the Domain of Expertise must not allow compromise or derogation from the requirement of level of expert and exclude from the Domain of Expertise any field of knowledge, skills and skills in which the candidate for the quality of Expert has not reached the point of mastery of the art.

Finally, we will refrain from presenting too broad a Domain of Expertise which the constant increase in knowledge and the complexity of the world naturally prohibit.