Sneakers On

Put your sneakers on, sport and charity challenge!

I would like to challenge myself and to challenge you to put on our sneakers and join our efforts to show solidarity.

As a father of three daughters, I decided to run 100 kilometers in May – in compliance with the COVID-19 sanitary restrictions – and to donate 1 CHF per kilometer to each of the Foundations mentioned below. My alarm clock is set for 05:30 AM 😉

I invite you to join me for this sporting and charitable challenge!

And you, what challenge do you want to launch for May 2020?

About the Foundations

The Foundation Partage provides basic necessities to around fifty Geneva associations active whose beneficiaries have the most disadvantaged

The Private Foundation of the University Hospitals of Geneva helps the medical staff, the research and the patients

You can find more information about these two Foundations at the bottom of the page.

Together, we can cover thousands of kilometers and raise funds for these Foundations!

How to register in the challenge and donate?

It is very easy, using these links above, you just:
  1. have to comment below the number of kilometers that you wish to cover (walk / run) in the next 31 days, and how much you want to donate to our partner Foundations;
  2. donate in using the below links “Click here to donate”
  3. post a picture of you in the effort if you wish 😉

A surprise will be organized for the person that covered the most kilometers among all participants.

Thank you everyone, and a special word of thanks must go to those who work behind the scenes.

Maxime Lagane
Experts Without Borders
Non-profit organization

How to register in the challenge and donate?

Partage is the food bank of the Geneva Canton. Since the COVID-19 crisis started, Partage has been supplying about twenty associations with basic necessities. Thanks to Partage, people and families in financial difficulties can receive free food and hygiene products. Last year, Partage provided the equivalent of 739,000 meals, as well as 62 tonnes of hygiene products, to nearly 9,800 people each week.

For more information :

Covid-19 et aide d’urgence alimentaire à Genève

For donations in favor of Partage Foundation:

Click here to donate

HUG private Foundation

The HUG Private Foundation is the foundation of the Geneva University Hospitals and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva. Its purpose is to finance essential projects in favor of medical research, patient comfort and quality of care, for the benefit of all patients. Today, it is also used to support the HUG staff and UNIGE scientists involved in the COVID-19 pandemic.

For donations in favor of HUG private Foundation:

Click here to donate *

(*) Under the tab Fondation, To support the HUG Private Foundation, please indicate the reference COVID-19-collaborateurs when making your donation. You can also leave a message of support for the teams, it will be sent to them. You can also support research programs carried out within HUG and the University of Geneva, in collaboration with international teams. For this, we invite you to leave the reference COVID-19-Recherche when making your donation.